ALASKA, CANADA movie. Like sardines.

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We decided to tour Alaska and Canada with a very small rented car. We usually travel on a tight budget to continue allowing for further travels but I have to admit we were packed in like sardines. We even managed to overfill the trunk with belogings and had to tie down the rest to the roof. We looked like fleeing refugees when trying to find places without rain. It rained cats and dogs especially towards the end. Remember, we had personal items strapped to the roof. This is a land of beauty and nature is abundant. One doesn’t have to be in the parks only to witness tne amazing natural areas and wildlife. There are ceaseless things of wonderment for the eyes. Whether gazing at the nocturnal dancing of the Aurora Borealis, massive land grizzlies or the spawning of thousands of soon to be stranded salmon.

Cesta za sluncem. Karel, já, Katka, Ilona, Radek, Honza a Palec v proklatě malým autě. Na Aljašce – to jsem zapomněl říct.